Hallo 梁萍姐!( Oncology & Cardiology Seminar)

I attended a seminar organised by the Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic in which she was the host. There were 6 professors sharing oncology and cardiology topics. Professor 王旭 (Wang Xu) expressed a profound theory that yang energy (阳气)is a wealth of treasure. There is a close relationship between lifestyle and the presence of tumours. Her profound theory is based on 阳主动,阴主静 in which 阳不入阴 leads to the presence of tumours. Active lifestyle leads to better yang energy! 动则生阳!

Professor 吴自金 (Wu Zi Jing) stressed that the tiny blood vessels play as important a role as the major arteries. To maintain health, we need to ensure that the tiny vessels are clear to carry away what is unwanted.