What a great Fathers’ Day!

It was marvellous to see my patient walking at the clinic last Saturday! He is in his eighties. He was wheelchair bound when I first met him Jan 2019 . I have been treating his cervical spondylosis twice a week. It was extremely moving seeing him go from a wheelchair to standing up and walking unaided. (Applause please!)

He had made a lot of effort in his recovery process. I am grateful for his trust and persistence.  My next challenge is to reduce the tension in his left feet. What a fulfilling moment in life! What a pleasant surprise before Father’s day! 

My lovely children have given me their hand made cards and gifts. They have given us love and joy for the past 6 and 7 years. I am very grateful. As a member of Chong Hwa Medical Institute infertility group for more than five years, I have seen a lot of couples who have difficulties conceiving. It is really a blessing to have a child. I treasure them. I am thankful for my wife going through the tough times in carrying them.

I look forward to give them all the best I could offer: a healthy body and mind.

A fantastic Father’s Day that I will remember forever! istock-462459055.jpg